About The Little LearnAid


The Little LearnAid is a great source of FREE Interactive Read-Aloud videos for you and your children to enjoy! Each Video ends with a fun activity, that is easily accessible.

With a wide range of themes … there is something for everyone. There is a socially conscious message behind every story I read.

I believe in spreading the message of love and acceptance. We are all different. We may have different coloured skin, different coloured eyes or even different textured hair to our friends and sometimes our family, but these are the things that make us unique and special. Being different to others does not define our worth. I believe it is now time to celebrate our differences.

My goal is to assist parents and teachers, while instilling a love for books within children.

I started The Little LearnAid to assist parents and teachers during COVID-19. This began when a few friends of mine, who are parents, were overwhelmed with ‘at home online-learning’. They asked if I could make a video of myself reading a story for their children, as they needed a much-needed break for themselves. Of course, I agreed, as I too was missing being inside the classroom. Parents started to share my videos with each other and the request for more started flooding in. I soon after, set up a private Facebook Group, where I would upload my videos and attach relevant resources, these were craft ideas, work sheet templates or physical activities. Parents and teachers started to share my group with others that were struggling during this time.

My videos and resources then made their way into some Primary schools.