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A Visit to the Zoo by Jen Blyth and Kerrie Taylor. A Read-Aloud with Auslan Translation included

Hannah wears a hearing aid and uses Auslan (Australian Sign Language) to communicate with her mum as they visit the zoo. Each page includes the written story and illustrations as well as the associated Auslan signs, meaning you can choose to read or sign your way from start to finish. It also includes a gallery of all the signs at the back of the book, which is great for practice after reading the book.

This children’s story book, makes a truly inclusive book for families with deaf, hard of hearing and non verbal members, and is a really great introduction to the world of Auslan for the hearing community as well. It is another big step in ensuring that every child sees themselves represented in books and the wider community.

Enjoy learning Auslan and don’t forget to send me a video of you signing your name 🙂

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Auslan Alphabet

Jack Hartmann Auslan Alphabet Song:

Auslan Illustrations can be found on my Facebook Group, 'The Little Learnaid'
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